My Wedding Proposal Went Viral My Wedding Proposal Went Viral

On February 14 2014 (V-Day), I proposed to my girlfriend, Dahcia (VP of strategy for Boogie).

With the help of friends, family, Bill Murphy Jr. (Inc Magazine) and Northeastern Fine Jewelers (Albany, NY), the proposal was a success.

Here’s the website that I used to propose to her

Here’s the video detailing how it all happened.

Update (3/14) –
– Since the video release, I’ve gotten lots of messages from people congratulating me and Dahcia. I’m extremely honored.

– The video went viral on YouTube, garnering about 22k views (at the time I wrote this)

– Huffington post did a story on this entitled It Took Five Marriage Proposals For This Woman To Get The Hint

– Inc Magazine also did a story on this entitled 5 Ways Smart Entrepreneurs Find True Love and Happiness and let’s not forget the initial proposal article.

– Clutch Magazine also wrote a piece called Five Marriage Proposals Later & She Said Yes

– And a lot of other blogs and publications wrote about it including, Madame Noire, Pal Beach Daily News, AJC (Atlanta Journal), Perez, Rob Bre, and many many many more… no space to name them all.

– Thank you to everyone for the support. We love you (you know, in a ‘Hi, we’re friends’ kind of way) #JacquesDahcia

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