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Hey! I’m Jacques and I’m 27 years old. I was born on the island of Haiti and migrated to New York when I was 10 years old. I lived in Brooklyn, NY until I enrolled in college in 2008.

Before I even understood the true meaning of being an entrepreneur, I was identifying needs and investing/building solutions. While I was in high school in Brooklyn, I produced and sold musical beats to aspiring artists. In college, I ran a barbershop in my dorm room, I ran a photography company taking professional photos for on-campus and local events, I also worked as a graphic design freelancer which eventually led to me starting and running a web design and development firm.

My past experiences have paved the way for my current ventures:

I am the CEO and founder of boogie, a multicultural mktg agency that I started in my college dorm room. We have offices in Upstate NY, Brooklyn NY, and Los Angeles CA. Update: we recently closed all of our offices to become a 100% remote agency.

boogie is also behind two other companies; SHADE & Breadcrumbs.

SHADE is an influencer mgmt agency for black and brown creators. We help our creators become self-employed doing what they love while helping brands find and collaborate with culturally diverse content creators.

Snappy Booth  is a beautiful, modern, and interactive photo booth for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Guests will have the option to print, text, email, and share their photos via social media, instantly.

Breadcrumbs  is a web design startup and we create memorable websites for doers and makers for one low monthly price. Breadcrumbs have a small dedicated team working out of boogie’s Upstate NY offices.  Update: Breadcrumbs was acquired by UK company, Metal Potato, in March 2017.

I’ve also worked on a few side projects to solve problems that I’m passionate about:

Standwithblm.com is a  simple profile filter tool that makes it easy for supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to show their support. The tool turns your photo black and white, adds a dark overlay, and adds the words Black Lives Matter on the left. Standwithblm.com has been featured on Product Hunt and has been used by many people all over the internet.

Nappy.co  makes it easy for culture-conscious brands to find beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people. For free.

I’m also currently a professor at the University at Albany teaching INF302: Interactive Mobile App Design to a group of approximately 70 students each semester.

And finally, I run this site in hopes of using my past mistakes lessons, experiences, and insights to help leaders become better leaders. I talk about entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development, productivity, and the endless HUSTLE.

Four years ago, I married my college sweetheart, Dahcia. I proposed to her on February 14, 2014, and our proposal video has made its way around the internet. It garnered more than 45,000 views on YouTube and eventually, a FOX News representative got a hold of it and decided to sponsor and film our big day at the Central Park Boathouse in NYC. A few other friends and brands made an impact on our wedding– Dahcia wore a 25K gown from Galia Lahav. Learn more about our story at JacquesDahcia.com

Aside from business stuff… in my leisure, I enjoy playing basketball (see me on the court!), exercising, playing the guitar, and listening to the great words of my mentor.

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Ui Ux Design + Branding
Coding & Development
Social media strategy
Viral Marketing Strategy
Business Development
Public Speaking

Fun Facts

I’ve never actually been to a zoo
I don’t swear… it’s really really hard for me to
I’m a parkour enthusiast; here’s the proof
I play the guitar & love making music
I have a mixtape called “Boogieology: Lession 1”
I once drank RedBull and attempted to fly
I was chased by a dog when I was younger (in Haiti)
I wear a blazer everywhere I go (except for the gym)