Have you ever wanted to pick my brain? Well, here’s your chance.

I’m Jacques, 5x entrepreneur, designer, writer, keynote speaker, and college professor. I spent the last 10 years starting, running, failing, and selling multiple businesses. Those experiences have shaped me into the entrepreneur that I am. Today, I run 4 companies, teach 2 college classes, and train leaders and entrepreneurs on business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

I get asked tons of questions every day about business,  life,  and relationships. While I can’t answer every one of them, I’m going to try. Enter   #AskJacques   a  social media TV show where I answer all of your questions about entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, psychology, relationships, business development, personal development, and everything in between.

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Here’s how it works

  1. Follow me on Instagram (@jacqueshbastien)
  2. Send me a DM (or email ask@jacquesbastien.com) with your detailed question
  3. If your question is selected, I will answer it on a new  episode

Simple right? So what are you waiting for… head over to Instagram to   #AskJacques.

How do I watch the show?

  1. IGTV (for mobile)
  2. Facebook (for desktop)

Interested in sponsoring an episode? Email my team:   hi@jacquesbastien.com.
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