5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Under $20

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Under $20

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

– Rosemonde Gerard

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not only does it give couples the opportunity to show their love for one another, but it also gives us the opportunity to tell our friends, family, and co-workers how much we care about them. Some people like to get very creative when it comes to Valentine’s Day planning, while others take a more simplistic approach to their Valentine’s Day planning.

Last week, me and my wife sat down and spoke about our plans for Valentine’s Day, reminisced on the things that we’ve done in the past, as well as talked about general Valentine’s Day romantic ideas that we have yet to try.

These are the 5 ideas that stood out to us the most.

1. Scavenger hunt for him/her

What you’ll need: Pen, paper, and transportation

While we have never actually done this, Dahcia did put together a mini scavenger hunt for me when she was trying to reveal that she bought me a new apple mouse (something that I really wanted!). She placed various notes around my room, which gave me clues to go downstairs in my car, and that’s when I saw the mouse. The scavenger hunt would be a great way to tell and show your significant other how much you care about them, without actually breaking the bank.

First, you’d have to put together a list of all of the different moments that are significant in your relationship as well as the locations associated with those moments (ie. first kiss, where you proposed, where you had your first argument, etc.). Then, visit each of these locations and leave a note for your significant other letting them know what that location means to your relationship as well as giving them clues to the next location.

Once he/she finds all of the locations, the last clue should lead them to the location you choose to host #2, #3, #4, and the bonus (below).

2. Have a picnic where you first met

What you’ll need: Picnic essentials (bread, ham, lettuce, etc.), and the guts to do this.

Me and Dahcia met on November 16, 2009, at a night club (Don’t judge us!). On November 16, 2012, I decided that I wanted to have a picnic with her at the same place that we met.

I’m pretty sure a story about two young people who had a picnic at a night club would’ve been a great story, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case here.

Turns out, the nightclub had actually been turned into a supermarket. I asked her to ‘come with me to the supermarket to buy a few more things for the place we were going’. When we finally got the the aisle that I believed to be the aisle where we met, I told her to have a seat… right in the middle of the aisle.

I know what you’re thinking and yes! It looked as ridiculous as it sounded. Luckily, Dahcia loved and appreciated it. She couldn’t stop smiling that entire week and telling her friends all about it.

Think of where you and your significant other first met… are you able to plan a picnic at that location? If the answer is yes, then go for it.

3. Cook a meal together

What you’ll need: Groceries, Yummly (phone app), or Plated.com

What could be more romantic than spending 2 – 3 hours cooking your favorite meal, with your favorite person in the world. This is a great way for couples to learn more about each other while showcasing their creativity in the kitchen. I recommend leaving all electronic devices outside of the kitchen (except if you need it for a recipe).

4. Bring the restaurant to her/him

What you’ll need: Some friends who are talented and single.

When I was a junior in college, I didn’t have much money. I spent my entire Valentine’s week thinking of the perfect romantic idea that I’d be able to put together with a $10 budget—  as you guessed, NOTHING came to mind. So I finally decided that I’d just cook a regular meal and invite Dahcia for dinner.

While cooking my 4 course meal, I had a thought… “why not bring the restaurant to her”. I then called some of my trusty (and single) friends and asked them to help me with my Valentine’s Day activities — in return, I fed them.

In total, I had 5 friends willing to help me out: A DJ, a singer, a poet, a photographer, and one of my best friends; who was the waitress. The amazing night consisted of love songs played by the DJ, poems recited by the poet, songs sang by the singer, photos taken by the photographer, and food cooked by me and served by my best friend.

It was a great evening and Dahcia loved every second of it.

5. Take pictures together and develop them

What you’ll need: A disposable camera or my new app, Authenpic.

In a world full of social sharing, commenting, LIKES, filters, edit options, and basically the strive for perfection, I challenge you to try an alternative route to taking photos this Valentine’s Day. Use a disposable camera, or my new app, Authenpic, to cherish the moments that means so much to you and your significant other. Authenpic lets you take up to 24 pictures using your phone’s camera and once your roll is full, you can print the physical pictures directly from the app and they’ll come to your front door in about a week.

This is a great way to relive the moments that you care about in a much more personable way. If you’re interested, checkout the app here.


While this can’t be achieve with a budget of under $20, I’d also recommend a wedding proposal. If you know your significant other is ‘the one’ then you have no reason to wait any longer.

I proposed to my wife on Valentine’s Day (last year) and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

Here’s what I think about young people getting married.