5 Reasons you SHOULDN’T get married in your 20s

5 Reasons you SHOULDN’T get married in your 20s

As you may know, me and my wife, Dahcia, got married on May 22, 2014– about 2.5 months ago. I proposed on Valentine’s Day (this year) and shortly after posting the video of how it happened online- it went viral, garnering over 40k views in one week.

Here’s the video:

Three short months after the proposal, we were saying ‘I do!’

The proposal made its way to some amazing people who loved our story so much that they decided to sponsor our entire wedding. From photography and venue, to makeup and a $25k wedding gown, everything was paid for. The wedding ceremony was even filmed and it aired on Fox News NY a month after the wedding.

So now, I’ve been married for 2.5 months and I wanted to share the five things I wish I knew before getting married.

1. You’re forced to find yourselves and grow together

Look, I’m 24 years old and Dahcia is 23. It’s safe to say that we still have some growing to do. Now be honest, do you really want to be on a journey to find yourself with somebody else tagging along? It’s already implied in the phrase, find YOURself.

Wouldn’t you rather just grow all by yourself? Life is full of challenges that are made to help us improve both mentally and spiritually- I don’t know about you but I’d much rather face these challenges all by myself. Who needs help and support from someone who loves and cares about them, right?

2. You won’t get to sleep around

Now this is a big one. Having an intimate relationship with the same person for the rest of your life? But you’re young! Isn’t sleeping around what you’re supposed to do when you’re young? I mean, yes, there’s the chance that you can contract a sexually transmitted disease or infection and have to deal with whatever else is out there… But c’mon, you’re young, you have your whole life ahead of you.

3. You have to share everything!

Remember that diet you’ve been meaning to get on or that new car that you wanted to buy? Well, being married means your significant other might just join you on that healthy eating journey or even help you purchase that car. Here’s the problem- it’s YOUR diet. It’s YOUR car. They’re YOUR bills. All yours. Like I said- too much sharing.

4. You may end up being a young grandparent

Let’s say you wind up getting married at 22 and have a child two years later… fast forward 25 years- your oldest child is now in his mid-twenties, married, and expecting a child of his own.

It’s insane! You’re now in your 50s and you have a grandchild. Who would ever want to be grandparent in their fifties and have the chance to play basketball or baseball with their grand kids… or even teach them a thing or two about baking?

No sir, not me. I’ll pass.

5. Happiness is overrated

Statistics say married men are 135% happier than single men. But happiness is overrated. I mean who needs a loving and caring partner?

If you’ve stuck around, you probably think this article should really be called “5 Reasons you SHOULD get married in your 20s”.

Although I’ve known Dahcia for 5 years prior to being married, I can’t even tell you how much happier we’ve been since getting married.

There’s just something about having someone who understands you, trusts you, cares about you, and is willing to grow with you.

Dahcia and I do everything together and it’s great! We workout together, we go to church together, we write together (this article, among other things), we binge watch TV shows together, we laugh together, we gossip together, we travel together, we pray together, we read together, and we even work together.

If you’re in your 20s and you’re thinking about getting married, I’d say go for it! Life is too short to hold out on the amount of happiness you will have with your new husband/wife.

Of course, just make sure they’re truly the one for you.

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