Building a successful business with my wife

Building a successful business with my wife

Ever thought about going into business with your significant other?

I’ve been in business with my wife for a few years now and it’s been an awesome journey!

If you’ve ever seen our wedding proposal video (that went viral), you know that me and my wife, Dahcia, met in college and she joined me to grow boogie to the social media agency that it is today.

If you ever wonder what it’s like to build/run a company with your significant other, you no longer need to wonder.

Our good couple friends, Prince & Sarah (from WeLiveLimitless), interviewed us on their No Limit Podcast to talk about building a successful business with your significant other.

Press play (below) to listen, and you’ll hear:

  • How I leveraged the power of social media to propose to Dahcia
  • Why Dahcia made the transition to work with me
  • The best and worst things about working together
  • How to keep the business and the relationship running smoothly
  • How we keep each other accountable in business
  • Advice we’d give to others considering going into business together


If you liked this Podcast, I’d strongly recommend checking out their other Podcasts.

  1. Absolutely loved having you guys on the show… Come to CA so we can hang!