How to stand out from the competition

How to stand out from the competition

If you’ve ever heard  any of my public rants speaking, then you already know how many times I say the  word  HUSTLE!

I can’t escape it, it’s who I am. It’s what I believe in, it’s what’s in my blood, and also what I want to instill in my kids. The art of hustlin’ also known as hard-working.

I’ve been able to accomplish a lot in my life, and I owe all of it through hard-work.

I got a chance to share my story with branding expert, Michael Peggs, on his You University Podcast.

Press play (below) to listen, and you’ll learn:

  • The art of creating a side hustle
  • How to turn your passion into a profitable pursuit
  • The strategies successful brands use to reach and engage a millennial audience
  • Innovation, disruption and the importance of business rebellion
  • Growth hacking and how to succeed online

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