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I was named one of the University at Albany's 30 Under 30


I Need Your Help!

First things first, here’s a quick tip: Plan your week’s to-do list on Sunday nights. I recently started using OneNote for my to-do list and…


Meet Canva, the free tool that makes design easy for everyone [Interview]

Canva is a free tool that makes design easy for everyone. After its popularity in my last post, I caught up with Melanie Perkins (Founder) to learn more.


Last week I received a text message from one of my hustlepreneur subscribers who practically called me a FLAKE. Practically… His exact words were “Hey,…


5 Reasons you SHOULDN’T get married in your 20s

I’ve been married for 2.5 months and I decided to share the five things I wish I knew before getting married.

Boogie's four day work week - How to keep employees from burning out



The Importance of Visual Storytelling – Interview with Adam Tratt, CEO of Haiku Deck

How important is visual storytelling? Find out from this interview with Adam Tratt about Haiku Deck.

You can't control the way you are perceived, you can only control the way you are presented



How To Find Anyone’s Email Address in Under 5 Minutes

If you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, or salesperson, then you know the importance of email addresses more than anyone else– let’s explore how to find them.


I’m going to be on TV

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet here the past few days. I have three great and useful articles that I wanted to publish…